Extended Day

2020-2021 Extended Care Rates and Billing Information

Begins on August 31, 2020

PM Mon-Fri PM with early dismissal
One child $400 $415
 Two children  $560  $575
Three children $680 $695
Four children $760 $775


Hourly Rates
1st child $8.50
2nd child $5.10
3rd child $2.55
4th child $1.70




  • Extended Day is from 3:10pm-6:00pm
  • Early Dismissal Day 12:00-6:00pm (all students must bring their own lunch and drink)
  • Options:
    • Monthly (every day, Monday-Friday),
    • Monthly with Early Dismissal Days (Monday-Friday and early dismissal days)
    • OR you can sign up for individual days (these will be billed hourly)
  • You will be billed even if your child doesn’t attend on selected days.
  • Unless you are signing up for the monthly rate, all other rates are hourly.
  • A two-week notice is required to dis-enroll from the Extended Care Program. Once you dis-enroll, you will not be allowed to enroll again until the next school year.
  • Students not enrolled in Extended Care can no longer be accepted on an as needed/drop-in basis.
  • Parents running late to pick up their kids after dismissal will be charged $10 for every 5 minutes (after 3:25pm). Parents who are habitually late will be asked to withdraw their children or will have to go with online instruction.
  • You will be billed the 10th of each month via FACTS Tuition.
  • Extended Care will begin on August 31, 2020


Extended Care Registration Form