Dropoff-Pickup Procedures

Arrival (K-8)

Cars – Students traveling by car should arrive between 7:30AM and 7:50AM. All cars will enter by Religious Freedom Way (the road that is on the right as you come up St. Michael’s Lane off of Ravensworth). Follow up the road past the Convent to the orange cones. Please pull all the way up when dropping off.

All students (K-8) will enter the Senior building as soon as they are dropped off.

Stay in line until the car in front of you moves. All cars will continue up the yard near the basket ball hoops. When you reach the top of the school yard you may either go up Pine Drive or back around the church to St. Michael’s Lane to Ravensworth.

The Carmine St. entrance is for Faculty/Staff use only and those who are dropping children off with medical reasons. No one else should use the Carmine Street entrance.

Late Arrivals—Once the barriers are put up at the Junior school entrance, students arriving late should be dropped off at the barriers near the Junior School or at the entrance of the Senior School.

Dismissal (K-8)

Students are dismissed at 3:10. All teachers participate in leading the students to the dismissal areas. Students who forget something in school must report to the office to obtain permission to reenter the building.

Car Riders – Students who are car riders are brought to the portico area of the senior building to wait for their rides. Drivers are to line up perpendicular to the senior building and remain with their cars while waiting for the children. All motors should be turned off until the second bell rings for the cars to move.

Parents may stand outside the vehicle so that the children will see them or come to the front to pick up your child and return to your car. When the first bell rings in the yard all students and parents should move to their cars as quickly as possible. Once the children are in the cars, a second bell will ring to turn on your motor. The teacher will signal for the cars to move, beginning with the line closest to the Junior building. Cars arriving after the first departure must also be parked in lines. Those who are picking up for the second wave of dismissal are asked to park in the last two lanes. The drivers must wait until the teacher on duty directs the remaining children to their cars. These cars will then be directed out of the lot.

Students not picked up when the first bell rings in the yard will be brought into the senior school foyer until all the first wave cars are out of the yard. The children will then be brought out for the second wave of cars. No student may go to a car once the bell has rung in the yard.

NOTE – The space outside the Senior building at dismissal is reserved for the family who won the space at the Silent Auction. No other drivers are permitted to use the Carmine St. entrance. Please, assist us in teaching your children to adhere to the rules by following them yourself.

Students who have not been picked up by 3:30 (11:45 on early dismissal days) will be brought inside. Parents must come in to the office to pick up the child. Any child that is not picked up by 3:30 will be sent to the Extended Day Program and the parent will be charged the appropriate fee.

Please follow the directions for arrival and dismissal. There is to be no driving or parking on the schoolyard during school hours as the children cross between buildings and play in the yard. Please observe the chains which block off the walk and play areas.