Registration for Students New to

St. Michael School

2017-2018 School Year

Registration for new students is currently taking place for the coming year.
All fees are non-refundable.
Please make check payable to Saint Michael School.
$425 Registration Fee for the first child
$300 Registration Fee for each additional child
Catholic Student Tuition
One child              $5,575
Two Children        $10,030
Three or more       $13,830
 Non-Catholics Students have an added tuition fee of $775 per student.
International Students $9,200 first child
Each family is required, for the 2017-2018 school year, to help at 5 lunch/recess periods
(11:20-12:25) for the year.  You may opt out for $100
New Students Need to Provide the Following:
*All new students need to provide immunization and recent VA physical forms
*Students in grades 1-8 need to complete and sign a “Transfer of Records” form
*Students in grades 1-8 need a copy of current report card
*Kindergarten students need to have a copy of their Birth Certificate presented at the time of registration
*All Catholic children need to provide a copy of their Baptismal Certificate
*Non-Catholic children’s parents need to sign a Waiver to allow their child(ren) to participate
in Catholic instruction in their daily class instruction
*Complete a FACTS Tuition Form.  FACTS tuition fee is $30
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