Turkey Trot

Join us on November 22nd for our Turkey Trot.

Bonus Rewards!
Each student that raises more than $60 will win a movie and popcorn one afternoon, date TBD
The student in each class who raises the most money will win a dress down day pass.
If the school raises $3,315, Mr. Cinali will wear a turkey costume for the Turkey Trot!!!
Each class that meets their classroom goal will win and extra PE/Computer Class
The class that raises the most money will win a movie and snack, date TBD
If the entire school raises more than $4,000, there will be a 2 hour delay on Feb. 5th (Monday after the Super Bowl)
If the school raises more than $6,000, Mr. Cinalli will move his office to the roof of the school for 1 day.

We are asking each student to bring in a pair of gloves, a winter hat, or a scarf for the homeless.