Ms. Masiello (Grade 5)

Week of September 21 - 25

Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5th Grade Social Studies

Chapter 3 continued Water and Climate

pages 36-39

No homework

Chapter 3 – Climate and Ecosystems

pages 40 – 43

Homework: workbook pages 18 & 19

Chapter 3 Ecosystems

continue with ecosystems

pages 42 – 43

No homework

Introduce chapter assessment

Ecosystem Explanation – this will count as the grade for the chapter.  We will work on it at school Thursday and Friday.

No homework

Ecosystem Explanations continued

Finish and turn in.


No homework

5th Grade Religion

Chapter 5 & 6

pages 28 – 32 review concepts from last week


Homework: workbook page 22


Creation of man, life before and after the first sin


Homework: workbook pages 23 – 24

Hierarchy of Being

Likeness and image of God and the order of creation


No homework


types of sin, the consequences on ourselves and others, the Sacrament of Confession.


No homework

Moral Choices

The purpose of our lives, what true happiness is, consequences of choices and responsibility.

Homework: 5 examples of actions and evaluate them

5th Grade Reading

Review the story

Story/book elements: sequence of events, setting, characters

No homework

Test – Meeting Mr. Henry

Story/book elements continued: point of view, plot elements

Homework: fill in story element book

Continue story/book elements

character traits and descriptions


Homework: complete character trait graphic organizer

Continue story/book elements

Use novels that they are currently reading to identify story elements


No homework

Continue Story/book elements

Developing character traits


No homework

5th Grade Writing/Grammar

Receive spelling words – test on Friday

Final edit of personal narrative


Homework: finish final copy of personal narrative if you need to

Sentence structure

subject and predicate pages 138 – 139

Homework: workbook page 88

Paragraph structure

Continue sentence structure pages 140 – 141

Homework: workbook page 89


Review words through paragraph writing.

Homework: study for vocabulary/spelling test

Vocabulary/spelling test

Paragraph writing

No homework

4th Grade Religion

Chapter 5: People of Israel

Review concepts from the chapter

No homework

Chapter 4 and 5 connection

Review key concepts for the chapters to prepare for the test.

Homework: study for the test on Chapters 4 and 5

Test on Chapters 4 & 5

Begin reading Chapter 6


No homework

Chapter 6 Joseph goes to Egypt

pages 33 – jealousy and sin

Homework: workbook page 21

Chapter 6

page 34 – suffering and virtue

No homework

4th Grade Social Studies

Powhatan way of life

pages 88 – 93 the culture of the Powhatan Indians

Homework: workbook page 19

Powhatan culture

pages 94 – 95 artifacts

Homework: workbook page 22

Winds of Change

pages 96 – 99 Europeans arrive

No homework

Explorers and Indians

pages 100 – 101

Review key concepts for chapter test.

Homework: study for test

Chapter Test


No homework