Mrs. Walthour (Kindergarten)

Week of September 21

Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

CLASSWORK: We will be setting up our Prayer Table in each room.  Mary drawing. MATERIALS: practice draw paper, pencil & colored pencils and crayons

HW: Worksheet: the printed “Hail Mary” with practice writing of these words

for VIRTUAL LEARNERS ONLY: Materials pick up available any time after 3:30 today! NOTE: new pick up area–outside KINDERGARTEN CLASS A, DOOR 41 (outside Junior Building side parking lot). Bags will be marked with your child’s name.

CLASSWORK : Final Mary drawing (see Materials above plus one piece of white construction paper). Practice reciting the Hail Mary.



CLASSWORK: Decorate Hail Mary title. MATERIALS: Hail Mary print out, markers, crayons and colored pencils

HW: Practice reciting the Hail Mary prayer with Mom or Dad. Try it by memory one line at a time!

CLASSWORK: Write out “Hail Mary” on final paper. MATERIALS: provided lined paper, pencil, markers, crayons and colored pencils



CLASSWORK: Math book: “Triangle” pages 45 & 46

HW: Math book: “Square and Rectangle” pages 47 & 48

CLASSWORK: Math book: “Circle” pages 49 & 50


CLASSWORK: Math Workbook: pages 21 & 22

CLASSWORK: Venn Diagram: Comparing Squares & Circles




CLASSWORK: HUNDREDS CHART: Find the column of fives. Color this column in with YELLOW. Practice count by fives.

Reading (to be completed during SEAT WORK time each morning from 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM)

CLASSWORK: Choose the new board book you will be reading throughout the week! MATERIALS: new board book, provided


CLASSWORK: Find the name of a character in your board book. Share it’s name with the class.

HW: Read a book or listen to a story with  Mom or Dad. Tell them the name of one or more of the characters.

CLASSWORK: Find the character you met yesterday in your board book. Find it’s name. Write the character’s name on an index card. MATERIALS: board book, index card, pencil and markers


CLASSWORK: Draw a picture of the character from your board book. MATERIALS: any type of paper, pencil, markers, crayons and colored pencils

HW: Read to a favorite stuffed animal!

CLASSWORK: Finish up your character picture from yesterday.

HW: READ in a different place!

Language Arts

CLASSWORK: CASS book: Lesson 7: My Cookbook by Cass  MATERIALS: CASS book, Lesson 7, scissors, pencil, (stapler for adult to put together book)


CLASSWORK: OSWALD book: catch up pages in book through page 11 MATERIALS: OSWALD book, pencil, scissors & glue (if needed)

HW: CASS book, page 17

CLASSWORK: OSWALD book: pages 12 & 13 MATERIALS: OSWALD book, pencil, orange and green crayon


CLASSWORK: catch up on unfinished READING activities


CLASSWORK: catch up on unfinished RELIGION activities




We were so happy to see so many of you at our first Zoom Back to School Night! If you were not able to join us, please email me ( and I will send you a copy of the online slideshow.
We covered many topics and answered many questions. I hope that everyone left that night feeling more informed about our Kindergarten year.

Here is a glimpse into what your little one is busy with in the school and home classroom.


In LANGUAGE ARTS we are just pages away from completing our first SuperKids book with “CASS”.  We have now introduced the second character in the series, “OSWALD”. He teaches the students all about the letter “o” through the short o  sound. *Ask your child how he or she properly writes the letters C and O. Have them demonstrate how the hand motion is exactly the same—a counter clockwise rotation, stopping short of a full connection for the C and a complete connection for the O!

In MATH we have completed the first chapter in the Math book. Students have begun the second chapter learning all about shapes, planes and solids.*Ask your child to locate the following solid shapes in your home environment: a sphere, a cylinder, a cube and a rectangular prism. Note that one of this week’s math homework assignments will be to trace these objects in order to see the plane shapes within the solid.

In RELIGION we are learning more about the TEN COMMANDMENTS. The children are learning the importance of one of our Kindergarten rules—“treating others the same way that we want to be treated”.

In READING we are continuing our rotation of board books. Each child receives one book to keep in their desk for the week. They are given times during the day to “read” their book. On Friday the books are collected and sanitized preparing them to be shared with other students the following Monday.

If your child has any board books they would like to bring in to read, they are welcome to do so. These books would be kept inside of their desks for their use only. If you do send in a book, please be sure to label it with your child’s name.

***Please note…for all HOMEWORK assignments, now posted on this site, students are given 2 days to complete! They know to turn in assignments when they have finished them. 🙂


We are thrilled to see new friendships beginning to blossom. However, at times it can be difficult to successfully teach a lesson due to excessive chatting. We remind the children of the many opportunities they have throughout the day to talk with their friends (breaks, snack, recess and lunch!)


As we move forward, attending school during this pandemic, please be assured that both teachers and students are working very hard to keep healthy. With the weather beginning to feel more like Fall, please talk with your child about proper ways to prevent the spreading of germs.
While the students are allowed to take their masks down at their desks, it is probably best to keep them on fully if showing signs of a cold. LOTS of sneezing has been occurring over the past week or so; please encourage your child to cover their nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing!

Also, PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE speak with your child about our rule about masks. Every child MUST wear their mask when getting up from their desk. The majority of the kids do this but a handful need many reminders!


With the Fall days upon us, your child will most likely feel more snug with a blanket during rest time. If you send one in, we will return it each Friday for washing. Several students have asked about bringing in a stuffed animal. Unfortunately, it has  been suggested that they be left at home for now.

As I said the other night, never a dull moment! This saying reminds me of my own parents as they raised the three of us-all 19 months apart (yes, I am the BABY 🤗).

We continue to love our “split” class, learning more about each child every day.  As many of you have already done, keep the lines of communication open. No question or subject is insignificant!


Mrs. Walthour

In the DOG class today we helped to celebrate our

very first KINDERGARTEN birthday! Our friend,

J A K E turned FIVE today. We sang to him and

made him line leader for the day 🤩. We hope you

had a dog-a-licious day Jake!


In the OWL class we have had several students stay

home with minor cold/allergy symptoms. One

returned today and we hope the others will join us

soon. Get well quickly as we miss seeing you on an

owlerly” basis! 🦉