Mrs. Tette (Grade 2)

Week of June 1st. - 4th.

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Practice Q. 60 What special thing did God do for Mary at the end of her life  on earth?

At the end of Mary’s life on earth, God took her into Heaven, body and soul. This is called the Assumption (CCC 966).







Memorize the following question and answer:

Q. 64 Does Jesus remain in the Blessed Sacrament after the Mass?

Yes, Jesus remains in the Blessed Sacrament after the Mass. Jesus is reserved in the tabernacle (CCC 1379-80).








Practice Q. 64.



Practice Q. 64.




Language Arts








Social Studies

Continue to work on the project on Mexico.














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This week students will continue Chapter 11: Measurement.


Please practice addition and subtraction facts with your child. You may use flashcards which you can buy from the Dollar Store. Mastering addition and subtraction facts will give your child a solid foundation that will help him/her understand the other skills that will be taught in class.









The students will continue to learning about our neighbor to the south, Mexico. Please work on the project with your child. The due date is now June 1st.


  1. Choose either the Aztecs or Mayans.
  2. Find information from the internet or books on only one of the following: religion, food, language, clothing, art, or music of the Aztecs or Mayans.
  3. Use a bulletin board or construction paper.
  4.  Find photos/pictures from the internet, magazines, or draw your own pictures.
  5. Glue pictures/photos on the bulletin board or construction paper.
  6. Write a paragraph about your choice.

Project is due on Tuesday, June 1st.


Investigation 4: Fitness and Health  

In this investigation students will use a stethoscope to help them determine heart rate. They will learn how to use a bar graph to analyze data that they collect. In addition, students will learn why exercise is important to help keep their heart healthy.



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Specials :

Monday- Genius Hour, Spanish

Wednesday- Computer, Art

Thursday –  Music, P. E, and Library

Have a blessed week!