Mrs. Tette (Grade 2)

Week of November 23rd. - 25th.

Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Do pages 161 – 162

Practice G. 7 Use models to add two-digit numbers- without regrouping


Do pages 165 – 166









Practice the following spelling words:



















Practice spelling words.



Memorize the following question and answer:

Q.  25  Who is the mother of Jesus?

The mother of Jesus is the Blessed Virgin Mary (CCC 495).






Practice Q. 25.










Language Arts

Backpack Page 39.









Social Studies
  1. Read a book for twenty minutes.


  1. Read a book for twenty minutes.













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Class Info/ Newsletter

Dear Parents,

The students will begin Chapter 10: The Need for a Savior. 


Students will memorize Q. 25

Questions and answers are posted on the Homework Page.









This week, students will continue with Chapter 4. They will regroup ones as tens using models. They will also add tens and ones, regrouping ones.

Please have your child practice counting to 100.

Please practice addition and subtraction facts with your child every day. You may use flashcards which you can buy from the Dollar Store. Mastering addition and subtraction facts will give your child a solid foundation that will help him/her understand the other skills that will be taught in class better.



Since this is a short week, students will make up any missing work and also review nouns, verbs, adjectives, synonyms, and antonyms.



Students will start practicing a new set of spelling words. They will take the test on Friday,  December 4th.

Students will do Thanksgiving activities.

Students will do Investigation Five. This investigation is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the properties of another state of matter – liquids. Students will observe equal volumes of three different liquids and compare how they look, feel, and smell. They will determine that although liquids have similar properties, they may be different in other properties. Students will then use the pan balance to compare the weight of the three liquids. They will determine which of the liquids are greater than or less than in volume than the other liquids. Through their experiments, students will observe that liquids have weight and that equal volumes of a liquid may not be equal in weight.


Dear Parents,

To know what your child will be doing in class weekly, please click on the tab for each subject at the top of the homework page.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thank you all for attending the conferences, and also being on time. It was a pleasure talking to you.

Birthday Celebrations:

If you want to celebrate your child’s birthday in school, you may send in only pre-packaged treats.  This includes food and any other treats you might want to send in with your child.


Homework Page: 

Please check the Homework Page daily, so you do not miss any update.


Specials :

Monday- Genius Hour, Spanish

Wednesday- Computer, Art

Thursday –  Music, P. E, and Library

Have a blessed week!