Mrs. Tette (Grade 2)

Week of May 3rd. -7th.

Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Do pages 473-474

Do pages 479-480





Practice the following spelling words.













Spelling Test is on Friday, May 14th
































Practice spelling words

Practice spelling words

Practice spelling words.


Practice the following question and answer:

Q. 59  Who is the holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is God, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity (CCC 685).







Memorize the following question and answer:

Q. 60 What is the Church?

The Church is the family of all baptized people (CCC 782).








Memorize the following question and answer:

Q. 61 Who founded the Church?

Jesus Christ founded the Church (CCC 763, 771).



Memorize the following question and answer:

Q. 62 Who is the Pope?

The Pope is the leader of the entire Church, who takes the place of Jesus on earth (CCC 880-82).




Language Arts

Do Backpack Page 103.

Do Backpack Page 104.

Do Backpack Page 105.

Do Backpack Page 106.






Social Studies

Start project on Mexico.

Start project on Mexico.

Start project on Mexico.

Start project on Mexico.



Week 27, Day 1

Week 27, Day 2

Week 27, Day 3











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Class Info/ Newsletter

This week in Religion, students will learn about God’s Family – The Church. They will learn about the Universal Church, the Diocese, and the Church as the  Body of Christ.










Students will continue Chapter 10 – Fractions. They will predict whether an outcome is more likely, less likely, or equally likely than another outcome.  They will also understand math words and use them in solving math problems, and finally take Chapter 10 Test.

Please practice addition and subtraction facts with your child. You may use flashcards which you can buy from the Dollar Store. Mastering addition and subtraction facts will give your child a solid foundation that will help him/her understand the other skills that will be taught in class.



This week, students will work on adjectives and nouns.  They will read and write words with suffix –ness. They will also understand the meaning of words with suffix –ness,  and identify the meanings and correct spelling of homonyms.







Students will practice new words from Monday, through Thursday and take the spelling test on Friday, May 14th.

The students did very well on their test! Thank you so much for helping your child to study. Beginning this week, students are going to learning about our neighbor to the south, Mexico. They will learn about the climate,  geography, and natural resources of Mexico. They will also compare and contrast the religion, food, language, clothing, art, and music of the Aztecs and Mayans. Please help your child do the project below.


  1. Choose either the Aztecs or Mayans.
  2. Find information from the internet or books on only one of the following: religion, food, language, clothing, art, or music of the Aztecs or Mayans.
  3. Use a bulletin board or construction paper.
  4.  Find photos/pictures from the internet, magazines, or draw your own pictures.
  5. Glue pictures/photos on the bulletin board or construction paper.
  6. Write a paragraph about your choice.

Project is due on Monday, May 31st


Students will do Investigation 2: Staying Healthy     

This investigation gives students the opportunity to explore why we cover our mouths when we sneeze or cough. Through modeling students will realize that if they do not cover their mouths they may pass their germs on to their friends or family members.



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Specials :

Monday- Genius Hour, Spanish

Wednesday- Computer, Art

Thursday –  Music, P. E, and Library

Have a blessed week!