Mrs. Socarras (Grade 1)

Week of November 12 - 16, 2018

Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

No school. Parent Teacher Conferences.

READING DAY at St. Michael School!

Wear your pajamas or comfortable clothing! You may bring sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, snacks, and books!




Math practice pages. Practice addition and subtraction facts to 12 with Splash Math or flash cards.

Math practice worksheet. Practice addition and subtraction facts to 12.

Math practice pages. Practice addition and subtraction facts to 12.

Language Arts

Write 1 time and practice Unit 3, Adventures of the Superkids words: do, have, show, how, me, a, king, sing, bring, long, song, and strong. (Test will be Thurs., Nov.15.)

Read for 15 min. or more with parents.


Return your St. Michael library book to school today so you can check out another in library class.


Write 1 time and practice Unit 3, Adventures of the Superkids  words: candle, handle, battle, cattle, rattle, and bonus words: November and thankful. (Test will be tomorrow.)

Read for 15 min. or more with parents.

Test will be today over Unit 3 words.

Write 1 time and practice Unit 4, Adventures of the Superkids words.

Read for 15 min. or more with parents.


Read for 15 min. or more with parents.

Social Studies

Work on memorizing address and phone number. When you have memorized them, bring address sheep back to school, and tell teacher to receive a prize from the treasure box!


Work on shoe tying! Demonstrate to teacher and you will receive a prize!

Please wear PE uniform to school on Wednesdays for gym class.  Spring/Summer uniforms for beginning of school year. Please bring uniform sweater in backpack for classroom in case your child is cold. (Please make sure name is on label of sweater. Thank you!)

Please return school library books by Monday . ( Tuesday is library day and students must return their book to check out a new one.)



Tuesday –Art, Library

Wednesday –P.E.

Thursday-Music, STREAM

Friday -Computer

Uniform Reminders: Please remember no nail polish or colored undershirts. (Must be white.) Please make sure regular uniform shoes are black or brown. Thank you. 

Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending Parent Teacher Conferences last Fri., Nov. 9, and Mon., Nov. 12.  (No School). It is an honor for us at St. Michael School to partner with you in helping your child learn and grow! Thank you for reading daily with your student and helping them practice! It really shows in their reading development.

Thank you so much for your support of the St. Michael Food Drive which ended last Friday! Thanks to your generosity, the first grade (and their 7th grade partners), will receive an extra recess and a free pizza party for bringing in the most donations!

In Religion, we are learning about Old Testament prophets such as Moses and that the people had to wait a long time for Jesus the Savior to come into the world. While they waited, they grew in faith and in trust of God. We, too, can grow in our faith by knowing, loving and serving God.

In Math, we continued to practice subtraction and writing subtraction sentences.  We are using the Activ Panel, 10 frames, counting cubes, and number lines to solve problems, in addition to drawing pictures and acting out the problems. Students have been enjoying class math subtraction/addition problem team competitions on the split screen feature of the Activ Panel! They are very competitive and are getting faster at working problems!

Please keep practicing addition and subtraction math facts to twelve at home with your student using Splash Math or flashcards.

In Language Arts, we are learning new pattern words in Unit 3 of Adventures of the Superkids. In addition to new memory words including “ow words” show and how, students are learning to spell __ing and __ong family words, such as king, sing, bring, and  long, song and strong,  in addition to __attle and ___andle family words, such as battle, cattle and rattle; and candle and handle. Students are learning the “ng” sound and the “le” sound.

We also have been continuing to work on writing and the writing process. We have been working on how to plan a story, pick a main character, setting and a plot (problem and a solution) for the story.

This Thursday, Nov. 15, is READING DAY at St. Michael School! Students may wear their pajamas or comfortable clothing! They may bring sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, snacks, and books! We will have a day focused on reading and literacy skills! (Please wear or bring regular shoes for recess.)

In Science, students continued their unit on “Staying Safe” on the move, learning about staying safe while riding in a car, and riding bikes. Students learned the importance of wearing seat belts using a model lego car and a mini plastic bear and found out why seat belts are needed when a car stops suddenly. Students used rubber bands to model seat belts and found out that they keep people safe in crashes.

Students also used a model brain (playdough ball) and found out why it is important to wear a helmet by dropping the model into a container of rocks simulating a bike accident. When the brain was protected with a styrofoam helmet (cup), it stayed safe from the rocks.

In Social Studies, in our Scholastic News/Weekly Reader, we learned about Veterans Day and why we honor our brave heroes for keeping us and our country safe!

Take care and God bless you and your family.


Mrs. Socarras