Mrs. Socarras (Grade 1)

Week of October 16

Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Tell your parents the story of Adam and Eve. Their disobeying God forced them to leave the Garden of Eden. This first sin is called Original Sin. Baptism washes away this sin with which we are born.

Because of God’s great love for mankind, Jesus was later sent into the world to make up for all sins by dying on the Cross. This opened up the gates of heaven for us.

Pray Our Father prayer.



Read a Bible story from the Old Testament.



Pray Hail Mary prayer.

Pray Angel of God prayer.


Count from 100 – 120 aloud for your parents.

Practice addition facts with Splash Math.

Work on memorizing doubles addition facts.

(1 + 1 = 2,  2 + 2 = 4, 3 + 3 = 6, 4 + 4 = 8, 5 + 5 = 10, etc.)


Practice addition facts with Splash Math.

Continue to work on doubles addition facts.

Practice addition facts with Splash Math.

Practice addition facts with Splash Math.

Language Arts

Review short vowel sounds: a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y.

Test over Unit 2 words will be Thursday.

Practice and write two times  Unit 2, Adventures of the Superkids “wh words”: where, what, why, when, which, who.

Write two questions using one of the “wh words” in each question.

Please read for at least 15 minutes with your child each day.







Practice and write two times Unit 2, Adventures of the Superkids ___ath and ___oth family words: bath, math, path, moth, and cloth.

Write two question sentences using one of these words in each question.

Please read for at least 15 minutes with your child each day.





Unit 2 spelling test will be tomorrow.

Practice and write two times Unit 2, Adventures of the Superkids  “th words: thin, think, thick, them and then.

Write two question sentences using one of these words in each question.

Write and practice bonus words: leaves and October two times.


Please read for at least 15 minutes with your child each day.





Practice new Unit 3, Adventures of the Superkids, Memory words # 1 – 6:

do, have, show, how, me, a.

Write 2 sentences using one of these words in each sentence.


Please read for at least 15 minutes with your child each day.


Practice games for Sight Word Review and Unit 3, Adventures of the Superkids on Spelling

Please read for at least 15 minutes with your child each day.


Social Studies

Keep practicing your address and phone number if you do not have it memorized yet. Tell the teacher when you are ready to demonstrate this skill for a prize from the prize box.






Keep working on shoe tying. Demonstrate skill to the teacher and receive a prize.

6:15- 7:30pm, Cafeteria, STEM Night for students and parents

Please wear PE uniform to school on Mondays for gym class.

Please send in $6.00 for Scholastic News/Weekly Reader fee for your child for the year if you have not done so. (Cash or checks payable to St. Michael School.)



Monday- PE
Tues – Spanish, Library, Art
Wednesday – Music
Thursday – STREAM lab (Science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, math)
Friday – Computer

Uniform Reminders: Please remember no nail polish or colored undershirts. (Must be white.) Please make sure regular uniform shoes are black or brown. Thank you. 

Dear Parents,

Your children have been busy learning and working hard this week! Here is an update of what they have been learning/studying in class:

Religion: Introduction to the Holy Trinity/3 Persons in 1 God : God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. God the Father created us. He created the world, and all that is in it.

God the Son, Jesus, was sent into the world to redeem mankind after man’s fall from grace. (Adam and Eve’s sin–Original Sin.) God the Holy Spirit lives in us. God is everywhere, all around us, not just in heaven. Grace is God’s life in us.

We make the Sign of the Cross and pray the Glory Be prayer to honor the Holy Trinity. We talked about the fact that October is the month of the holy rosary and we prayed a decade.

Math:  We learned the “commutative property” of addition. Numbers can be moved around when added and the same sum is reached.  For example, 2 + 3 = 3 + 2.

We continued our unit on addition and used counting cubes, ten frames, number lines and dominoes to work addition problems. We also used “draw a picture” and “act it out” strategies to solve word story problems. We reviewed  the concept of part + part = whole.

Please encourage your child practice addition math facts at home using Splash Math or flash cards to gain speed and proficiency.

Language Arts:  We worked on Adventures of the Superkids Unit 2, which includes spelling words:  “wh words”: where, what, why, when, which, who; ___ath and ___oth family words: bath, math, path, moth, and cloth and th words”: thin, think, thick, then, and the bonus words: leaves, and October. 

We practiced making the “wh” and “th” sounds correctly and practiced words that have these sounds at the beginning and end of the word. We worked on sounding out and reading new words with these letters using phonics.

We practiced decoding new words using the decoding strategies of “read the picture”, “rhyming robot”, and “chunky monkey”. When confronting a new unknown word, students can use clues such as look at the picture, think of a word you know with the same ending and change the first letter, or cover up part of the word and read one chunk at a time.

Students took a practice spelling test over Unit 2 words.

We continued to work on sentence structure and punctuation, and practiced pausing and taking a breath when coming to a comma.

We read in our small reading groups and worked on Author’s Tea writing projects with parent volunteers, Mr. Spickelmeir, Susie’s dad and Ms. Munoz, Sebastian’s mom. We wrote about how to serve God, and how to grow a pumpkin.

Science: We finished up our Unit on the Five Senses. We learned why leaves change color in the fall, and read about how pumpkins grow. We learned that there are many varieties of pumpkins and the seeds all look different. We made mini-books on why leaves change color how pumpkins grow.

Social Studies: We talked about different regions of the United States, and why leaves change color in some areas in the fall. We found where we live in northern Virginia on the map, near the U.S. Capital in Washington, D.C. We identified the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Children shared places where they were born/lived and we found them using a U.S., world map and globe. This is a very international class and their sharing greatly enriches our social studies discussions!

Other: Upcoming Disciple of Jesus poster templates were sent home so children can begin working on them. They can draw or paste photos in the boxes. (Please send  in on the designated date for your child.)

Please keep working on: Reading books and filling out book worms with your student’s name, author and book title. (Return book worms to school.) 10 book worms = 1 prize from treasure box; please keep working on shoe tying and learning their address and one parent phone number

Thanks for all of your ongoing support!  Take care and God bless you and your wonderful families.

Mrs. Socarras