Mrs. Pollin (Kindergarten)

Hi Everyone,

Here are some things that we learned about this week:

  • Letter “Bb,” the sound it makes, words that start with letter “Bb,” and words that rhyme
  • More about increasing independence skills, such as opening our own water bottles
  • The meaning of “life after death” We also decorated butterflies as a representation of this.
  • We decorated some bunnies and made letter “Bb” using black beans
  • We tried some bread, butter, and black beans as part of our letter “Bb” theme
  • Our school counselor, Ms. McAuliffe, visited our classroom this week and we talked about kindness and ways that we can help others feel happy 🙂
  • We celebrated Kylen’s birthday! Happy Birthday Kylen! 🙂

We hope that everyone has a great weekend! 🙂