Mrs. Nary (Preschool 4, Lambs)

April 26, 2021,

Hi Preschool Families,

Hopefully we have reached the end of the cold weather but please keep an eye on the weather report so that everyone is dressed properly for the weather. I think we will be having some very warm days this week. We do go outside twice a day, weather permitting, so we would like everyone to be comfortable.

We have a new student who has joined us from Mrs. Jennison’s class. We welcomed Solene last week from her home in Florida. She will be with us for the remainder of the school year.

Here is what we are up to this week:


April 26 – 30


Religion- Sing “Easter People.” Talk about the people that care for us. What do we do for other people to care for them? Color the picture.

Handwriting- Do the letter Z page 52 in your Handwriting Book. Do page 53 in your Handwriting Book. Color the picture and trace the letters.

Reading- Listen to the ABC story again. Talk about the letter Z. Do letter Z coloring page.

Science- Look at “ The First Book of Space.” Color all the planets and glue them on your black paper. Stick some star stickers on your solar system.


Religion- Sing “Two Little Ears.” Sing “All God’s Animals.” Read the Gospel story about Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Color the sheep picture.

Math- Do the rocket numbers review page. Trace the numbers. Get ready to play bingo.

Reading- Read “The Icky Bug Alphabet Book.” Do Activity page 7. Underline in the same color the words that rhyme in each row. Follow Mrs. Nary’s directions.

Science- Read “Zoom Zoom I’m off to the Moon.” Make your rocket. Glue your two pieces of the rocket together on your black paper. Color your rocket. Draw yourself in the window. Glue the red and yellow paper on the bottom of your ship for fire. Add some sticker stars.


Religion- Sing “Follow Me.” Review Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Do page 24 in your Religion Book. Write your name on one of the sheep. Write Mom and Dad on the sheep. If you have a brother or a sister write their names on a sheep. Color the sheep. Make them colorful.

Handwriting- Do lower case Z page 86 in your handwriting book. Trace and write the Z’s and color the picture. Do page 87 in your handwriting book. Color the picture and trace the letters.

Reading- Read “A is for Angel.” Do Activity page 8. Cut the pictures apart and glue them on the orange paper in groups. Follow Mrs. Nary’s directions.

Science- Read “I want to be an astronaut.” Color the picture of the astronaut. Draw a picture of yourself or glue a picture of yourself in the helmet.


Religion- Sing “The Lord is my Shepherd.” Make the game in your Seeds flyer. Cut apart the game pieces on page 3. Play the game.

Math- Do Numbers review. So dot-to-dot picture. Color the pictures. Get ready to play bingo.

Reading- Read “Dinosaurs A to Z.” Do Blackline Masters pages 56, 57, and 58. Follow Mrs. Nary’s directions.

Science- Read “Berenstain Bears on the Moon.” Color the astronaut, draw a face in the helmet. Color the earth. Glue the earth, moon and astronaut on the black paper. Add some sticker stars.


Religion- Sing “Let’s Celebrate Now.” Talk about the leaders of the church. Read “What does a priest Do.” Do Activity 20. Follow Mrs. Nary’s directions.

Handwriting- Do letter Z tracing page.  Make a space alien. Draw a crazy face on your pink or green alien. Glue him in the top of your paper plate space ship. Glue your wind shield on your space ship decorate with your gem stickers and some glitter glue.

Reading- Use individual storybook for lesson 9. Mark your book like the CD tells you to do. Do Blackline Masters page 59.

Science- Read “Spaceships and Rockets.” Make straw rocket. Color the rocket. Draw a face in the window. Put a piece of tape over one end of the small straw so it completely covers the hole. Tape it to the bottom of your rocket. Insert the small straw into the big straw and blow on it. Your rocket should fly.

Thank you for all your support,

Kathy Nary

Prek4B Teacher







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