Mrs. Nary (Preschool 4, Lambs)

May 19, 2021

Dear Preschool Families,

We are almost at the end of our school year. It is hard to believe how fast this year has gone. I think we have done very well dealing with all the twists and turns that came our way and had fun in the process. We have just a week and a half left to go. Our last day of school is Friday, May 28. This will basically be a full regular day with a small celebration at the end. Instructions for that are at the end of this update.

The children have been doing so great with the cicadas and I thought they would be a big issue. We have taken the approach that they are harmless and interesting and the children have taken off on that. Some of the kids even think they are cute. Every day we go investigate to see what they are doing. They yell at me from across the play area to come and see because they have found a cicada. It is really very cool to see.

Here is what the rest of our week looks like this week. Friday is a half day.


Religion- Read “Our Lady’s Wardrobe.” Talk about Our Lady of Fatima. Color her picture. Sing “Mary You said Yes.”

Math- Numbers review. Put an X on the pictures you do not need to represent the number shown on the worksheet.

Reading- Read another version of “Chicken Little.” Do dot paint worksheet about numbers and letters. Use only two colors of paint or markers. Use one color to color the letters and one color to color the numbers. Again, we are testing your knowledge of numbers and letters and following directions.

Science- Read National Geographic’s Book, “Bees.” Make bee hive picture. Glue your orange beehive on to your blue paper. Draw lines around the hive where the bumps are. Glue the black door on the hive. Glue your pieces of cereal on the hive. Use paint or a stamp pad to make fingerprint bees around your hive. Draw lines on the bees and wings and antennae. If you don’t want to get messy you could draw the bees with a marker by making small ovals and then add details.


Religion- Finish reading “Our Lady’s Wardrobe.” Talk about Our Lady of Knock. Color her picture. Sing “Mary Our Mother.”

Math- Practice writing your numbers by doing the fill in the blank missing number page. Write the number that is missing in each row.

Reading- Read “Prairie Chicken Little.” Do the “Is It A Number or A Letter?” page. Use the colors red and blue to do the worksheet. Follow the directions.

Science- Read “What if there were no Bees?” Color your bee and them build your flower for him to sit on. Glue the yellow center of the flower toward the top of your paper. Leave room for the bee to sit on top of it. Choose the color you want to use for your flower and glue the petals around the center. Glue the stem under the petals so it shows on the paper. Glue your bee on to the yellow center. Put some glue on your bee and flower and add some pollen (Corn Meal) to your picture.

Dismissal today is at 11:30.

Here is the schedule for next week:

May 24 – May 28 (see back page for last day instructions)


Religion-Sing “Arky Arky.” Talk about old testament heroes. Read the story of Noah and the Ark. Do Noah sticker picture. Glue your brown ark in the middle of the blue paper. Draw the ocean around it. Put clouds in the sky. Draw a rainbow if you want one. Put your animal stickers on the boat. Draw Noah and put your sea life stickers in the water. Do the Noah maze.

Math- Do the shapes review page. Count and color the shapes. Put the number of each shape in the box.

Reading- Listen to the story of “The Little Ren Hen.” Talk about how you have changed. Draw a picture of yourself in the box. Write down your favorite color. Finish the timeline worksheet.

Science- Read “My Five Senses.” Do  five senses project. Cut out the circles with the pictures of the five senses inside. Glue each circle on one of the boxes on the lift the flap five senses project. Cut on each red line on the top sheet of paper until the line stops and you reach the staple. Do not cut through both pieces of paper. Draw something you can taste under the mouth, hear under the ear, see under the eye, smell under the nose and feel or touch under the hand.


Religion- Sing “Two Little Ears and This Little Light of Mine.” Read the story about baby Moses and color the picture.

Handwriting- Practice writing your name. Trace with a marker your name on the first three lines. Write your name on the last two lines.

Reading- Read “The Hungry Thing.” Talk about rhyming and rhyming words. Do the rhyming worksheet. Read “The Little Red Hen.”

Science- Read “You can’t smell a flower with your ear.” Read the sections about seeing and tasting. Do the experiments with Mrs. Nary. Do the tongue mapping worksheet. Use your lolly pop. To test out the sweet area on your tongue. Use a salty cracker or pretzel to test out the salty area.


Religion- Sing “Follow Me.” Talk about how the old testament heroes were followers of God. Read about Moses getting the Ten Commandments. Do the Moses maze. Trace and color the ten commandments tablet.

Handwriting and Math- Write your name. Count the letters of your name and write the number in the box. Practice writing the numbers. Write each number 2 times.

Reading – Read “The Little Red Hen Golden Book.” Talk about where things go in your house. Cut out the items at the bottom of the page. Glue the kitchen things in the kitchen and glue the bedroom things up in the bedroom.

Science- Continue reading “You can’t smell a flower with your ear.” Read the portions of the book about smelling and hearing. Do the experiments with Mrs. Nary.


Religion- Sing “This Little Light of Mine.” Read the story of Jonah and the big fish. Color the whale and cut him out. Cut out the oval with Jonah in it and glue it in the whale’s tummy. Color Jonah.

Special project- Read “Daddies are for catching fireflies.” Make your Father’s Day Card. Choose the color you want your truck to be. Find the pencil line on the folded white paper. Glue the truck body just under the line so that the top touches the line. Draw headlights and details on your truck. Cut out the words that say “Dad, you are a big wheel to me” and glue them at the top of the card. Poke the little metal things through the middle of the black wheels and the holes in the white paper and fold them down. Do not glue the wheels on or they won’t turn on the paper. Open your card and glue the “Happy Father’s Day” words inside. Glue or write the word love under those words and then write your name. You can draw a picture inside if you want to.

Reading – Read “Manana Iguana.” Talk about how it is alike and different from the “Little Red Hen.” Review the letter E. Do the letter E review worksheet.

Science- Continue reading “You can’t smell a flower with your ear.” Read the section about the sense of touch. Get ready for a touch scavenger hunt. Find things that are smooth, hard, soft, rough, bumpy. Name something that is cold and something that is hot.


Religion- Sing “This Little Light of Mine.” Sing “God’s Army.” Read the story of how David defeated Goliath. Color the picture.

Special Project- Listen to the poem “In Daddy’s Arms I Am Tall.” Draw a picture of you and your dad. Get ready to play Bingo.

Reading – Read “The Little Red Hen.” Talk about beginning sounds of words. Do the letter T beginning sound page. Color the pictures that start with the sound of T.

Science- Read “Dr. Jean’s Five Senses” book. Sing the song. Do the five senses cutting and sorting page.


The Last Day of School

We will have a very brief graduation ceremony on the last day of school. We cannot have a big party with food like we would normally have but we will have the children march out of the classroom with their graduation hats on. The ceremony will begin at 2:50, we will probably come out a couple of minutes before that. You will park along Mighty Kennedy Way as usual. If you get there early you may park in the convent parking lot but the children will be coming through the parking lot so we don’t want cars moving when the children are present. Each preschool class will stand in a different part of the parking lot. My class will stand at the end of the lot where we usually are. We will stop there and Mrs. Jennison will say a few words, the children will say a prayer and sing a song and that will be all. You are welcome to take pictures but we have to clear the parking lot by 3:10 when the rest of the students will be dismissed. In you are a half day student or an online student you are welcome to join us. Please bring your child to the classroom by 2:40 if you are participating.

Thank you for everything. It has been a very great pleasure teaching your children this year. We have had a blast and hope we have learned things in the process.

Kathy Nary

Prek4B Teacher







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