Mrs. Jennison (Director, Preschool 4, Angels)

February 23 ,2020

Mrs Jennison’s Pre-K4 class,

We had a very busy and fun week at school!

 Special Helper of the day. A new student gets this title each day!

 Letter of the week activities: We finished up Letter P, with a penguin activity.

We continued with the  Nightingale reading unit. We started our activity books.

  Math: We matched items with their correct number.

Religion:  We talked about how God wants us to have rules in our lives.

PE class: Mr Webb (PE teacher) did running activities.

Storytime/Library: Mrs Winger read “A Sick Day For Amos McGee”.

Art Class: Mrs Walthour (Art teacher) started making polar bear faces.

Music class: Mrs Reynes (Music teacher) sang “The family song”.

Show and tell: Students shared their special treasures from home with their classmates.

We use the website “ on the activboard. The children love working on the letter of the week .We also are working on our numbers.

We are now using the website VOOKS, it is an interactive reading website specializing in children’s books.

Specials for our class:

Tuesday: PE class

Wednesday:  Library/story time

Thursday: Music and Art class

Friday: Sticker day and school mass

Friday: Show and tell (your child may bring one item to share(toy book etc..) Please no electronics, Ipads or tablets)

Please feel free to email me with any questions/concerns.

 Please check your child’s yellow folder daily. Please send the  folder back to school in the backpack.

If your child’s lunch requires a fork or spoon, please send one in their lunch box. We do not have any extras. We eat lunch at 11:30am.

Rest time blankets will be sent home on Friday. Please remember to send the blanket back on Monday.

Your child may bring a book to share with the class and read during rest time. Also a stuffed animal is fine for rest time.

Snack for our class:

Monday: Goldfish crackers and water

Tuesday: Fruit snacks and water

Wednesday: Animal crackers and water

Thursday: Graham crackers and water

Friday : Pretzels and water

We have 18 Friends in our class.

Important upcoming dates:

February 26 Wednesday ( Ash Wednesday school mass at 8:30am)

We follow Fairfax County Public schools for all weather related delays and closings. Also St Michael’s will send you a text message and a phone call when the school is delayed or closed. Please check with the office to make sure they have your correct phone number on file.

Mrs Jennsion