Mrs. Jennison (Director, Preschool 4)

April 21, 2018

Mrs Jennison’s Pre-K4 class,

We had a great week in school. We have finished letter V, making and coloring violins. We also finished letter W, making very cute watermelons. The children are very excited as we are almost at the end of the alphabet.

In Art class, the children read a Pete the cat story and painted a very cool Pete the Cat.

In PE class the children learned to play a very fun game called Banana Tag.

In Language arts we continued with our reading series “The Tug of War”. We worked on the activity books.

In Religion we talked about what kindness means. We discussed how we can be kind to one another and that Jesus is always kind to us.

In music class Mrs Burke taught the children a new song about Noah and his Ark.

We celebrated Nolan’s 5th birthday with a special cupcake snack,

The preschoolers are doing great during Friday school mass. They love walking and sitting with their “big kid” prayer partners. If your late arriving on Friday mornings, please bring your child to the church. Mass begins at 8:30 am. We walk over about 8:20 am.

Each day a student is the “Special Helper of the day”. Please ask your child about this very important job!

Specials for our class:

Monday: PE class

Tuesday: Art class

Wednesday: Music class and Library/story time

Thursday: Show and Tell (your child may bring one item to share (toy,book etc..) Please no electronics,Ipad, tablets)

Friday: Sticker day and school mass

Please feel free to email me with any questions/concerns.

 Please check your child’s yellow folder daily. Please send the  folder back to school in the backpack.

If your child’s lunch requires a fork or spoon, please send one in their lunch box. We do not have any extras. We eat lunch at 11:30am.

Rest time blankets will be sent home on Friday. Please remember to send the blanket back on Monday.

Your child may bring a book to share with the class and read during rest time. Also a stuffed animal for rest time is fine.

Please remember to send in your registration form for the 2018-2019 school year. If you need a form, please contact the school office.




Mrs Jennsion