Mrs. Jennison (Director, Preschool 4, Angels)

February 21, 2021


Hi PreK-4 Mrs Jennsion’s class,

Thanks for being so flexible when our class changed to virtual for a couple of snow days.

We also did a letter review (A-P).

We looked made snowmen on starfall.

We celebrated Valentines day with a yummy treat. We also exchanged valentines with our classmates.

We colored pictures of Penguins.  We made really cute penguins with the letter P.

Religion, we practiced the sign of the cross and will be practicing the ” The Hail Mary” prayer during the month of  February.

 “Seeds” lesson was “I will follow Jesus”.

Books we read: Substitute Groundhog, The snowy day, Horse and Unicorn, Cats Don’t ,Wear Hats, and The Nghtingale.

We worked on numbers 1-10. Practiced writing numbers 1-10.

Two favorite websites we use in class are Vooks and Starfall.

We play outside in the morning and after lunch, weather permitting. We played in the gym during recess time due to the very cold weather.

We our learning/saying the Blessing prayer before snack and lunch.

Each day one student in the class is the “special helper” ask your child what this means?

Friday is sticker day.



Friday February 26th / 11:30am dismissal for all preschoolers.

Please send your child with a jacket to school. We are now in the season of winter and we do go outside to play daily.

Please send in a pair of boots (if possible) for your child to leave in their cubby. We play in the grass during recess and some days the grass is wet.

Blankets will be sent home on Friday. Please return in backpack on Monday.

Please remember to check your child’s yellow folder daily. And send the yellow folder back to school in the back pack.

Your child may bring in a book from home to look at during rest time and a stuffed animal.

Please remember to include a fork and or spoon in your child’s lunch box if they need one. We do not have any in the class.

Please email me with any questions.


Mrs Jennison