Mrs. Jennison (Director, Preschool 4, Angels)

November 10 ,2019

Mrs Jennison’s Pre-K4 class,

We had a fun and busy week at school!

 Special Helper of the day. A new student gets this title each day!

 Letter of the week activities: We finished letter H. The children made “houses” with different colorful shapes.

We are working on “La Tortuga”. A very fun story about a turtle. The children took home their own books.

  Math: The students counted feathers on a Turkey on the activboard.

Religion:  We our practicing The Our Father prayer during the month of November.

PE class: Mr Webb (PE teacher) played cone Tag.

Storytime/Library: Mrs Wenger (School Librarian) read “Can you sleep Little Bear”.

Art Class: Mrs Walthour (Art teacher)  The children had a fun interactive lesson with musical instruments .

Music class: Mrs Reynes (Music teacher) continued the song ” My Friends” with more motions.

Show and tell: Classmates shared their special treasures from home.

We use the website “ on the activboard. The children love working on the letter of the week .We also are working on our numbers.

Specials for our class:

Tuesday: PE class

Wednesday:  Library/story time

Thursday: Music and Art class

Friday: Sticker day and school mass (starting January 2020)

Friday: Show and tell (your child may bring one item to share(toy book etc..) Please no electronics, Ipads or tablets)

Please feel free to email me with any questions/concerns.

 Please check your child’s yellow folder daily. Please send the  folder back to school in the backpack.

If your child’s lunch requires a fork or spoon, please send one in their lunch box. We do not have any extras. We eat lunch at 11:30am.

Rest time blankets will be sent home on Friday. Please remember to send the blanket back on Monday.

Your child may bring a book to share with the class and read during rest time. Also a stuffed animal is fine for rest time.

Snack for our class:

Monday: Goldfish crackers and water

Tuesday: Fruit snacks and water

Wednesday: Animal crackers and water

Thursday: Graham crackers and water

Friday : Pretzels and water

We have 17 Friends in our class.

Thank you for all who met with me for a parent /teacher conference.

Mrs Jennsion