Mrs. Hopkins (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten was busy cleaning and prepping the garden for planting

This week in Kindergarten


Reading – we just finished “The Odd Picnic”
Please have your child read the story and tell you about the Beginning, Middle and End

Book in a bag sent home for reading, please return for a new book. Read at home!

Unit 6 (V)
The Superkids make gifts for the animals a the pet hospital. Children will learn about animal Care Careers, veterinarian, zoo keeper, park rangers (that goes alone with Earth Day Song) farmers, pet sitters, pet shop owners, and many more.

Math – Days of the week
Months of the year
Money – penny, nickel, dime and quarter 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢

Friday for Show and Tell
Your child will bring in ONE stuffed toy animal, and tell three things about it.
1. Where do they live?
2. What do they eat?
3. How do you care for them?