Mrs. Covington (Kindergarten)

Week of Mon. June 10th - Thurs. June 13th

Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Practice O Sacrament Most Holy song for graduation

Practice O Sacrament Most Holy song for graduation

Kindergarten Graduation at 2:00pm in the All Purpose Room

Last Day of School dismissal at 11:00am

Please remember to pack your student with their back pack and a snack.

Thank you for an incredible school year! Have a safe and wonderful summer!


Extra practice on Splash Math

Extra practice on Splash Math

Extra practice on Splash Math


Daily News

Class party at 2:00pm

Kindergarten Graduation at 2:00pm in the All Purpose Room

Mass for the School at 8:30am

Dismissal at 11:00am

Dear KA Families,

In Religion, we will discuss the Faith and Trust.  Also May is the month of Mary.  We will be working on the Hail Mary prayer and the Rosary.

In Reading, we are working on letters ‘Nn’ and ‘Mm’.

We will also continue reviewing what we have learned this school year;

Letters: Cc, Oo, Gg, Aa, Dd, Ss, Ll, Ii, Tt, Ff, Ee, Hh, Uu, Bb, Rr, Nn, Mm, Pp, Vv, Ww

Sight Words: a, all, am, and, are, as, ask, at, ate, away, be, back, big, black, blue, brown, but, came, can, come, day, did, do, down, eat, find, for, four, funny, get, go, good, got, have, he, help, here, his, I, if, in, into, is, it, jump, like, little, look, make, man, me, must, my, name, new, no, not, now, of, on, one, our, out, play, please, pretty, ran, red, ride, run, said, saw, say, see, she, so, soon, that, the, there, they, this, three, to, too, two, up, under, us, want, was, we, well, went, what, white, where, who, will, with, yellow, yes, you,

In Math we are working on money.

Vocabulary Words: penny, nickel, dime, quarter, heads, tails, cent sign, dollar sign $, count on (with money), and compare.

In Science we will revisit learning about elapsed time, calendars and weather charts.

In Social Studies we will be learning about Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, summer, lady bugs, and growth mindset.

We are encouraged to be PEACEMAKERS at Saint Michael. Students have started earning “Kindness Tickets.”  It is a joy to see them help a classmate or offer applause to a student who has done a good job. I am so excited to see this kindness grow in the students throughout the year!


  • Check your student’s folder and backpack every day, and review with them any work sent home.
  • Please label and pack your student’s warm clothes daily.  The classroom gets cold and hot throughout the day, so help them be prepared for all weather.  Remember they must wear uniform items.
  • Pack healthy and peanut free snacks for your children to bring to school every day; even on half days.  No candy and please limit the sugar.
  • Pack your child’s lunch bag every day, regardless of whether or not he/she is having hot lunch they should bring their lunch bag.  This way they can keep any leftovers from lunch in their lunch bag and I let them eat every day before they go home during KBAR.
  • Ordering Scholastic books online with our class code gives our classroom points to be able to apply towards our classroom library.  KA’s Scholastic Book Code is PCTFF at Scholastic Book Club Website

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for being such wonderful parents!


Mrs. Covington