Mrs. Camarca (Preschool 3, Little Ducklings)

Hello Pre-K3 families,

Mrs. Ballard the school counselor came to our classroom today. She continued to talk about filling our buckets with kind acts and listening. She gave us 5 tickets because the class was such good listeners.

This week we will be continuing with the letter J. We will introduce the letter K at the end of the week.

We are beginning our unit on Pilgrims and Native Americans. The first Thanksgiving feast. We will learn about corn and will pop corn in an air popcorn popper. We will make turkeys and play with salt dough. Color of the week is brown.

We are working on making 3 shapes. Triangle, circle and square.

This month we are concentrating on helping others. We have collected a lot of food for the food drive.

We are continuing to learn about praying. We practice the Guardian Angel pray and the Sign of the Cross, and the Blessing before meals everyday.

We sing and dance to songs about Jesus and his love for us.

On Wednesday we have gym and library in the morning.

On Thursday we have music. Once a month we have art.

If you haven’t already, please send in a new set of clothes for the colder weather. Pants, long sleeve shirt, socks and underwear. The emergency set of clothes do not need to be the school uniform.

The school uniform now offers a long sleeve t-shirt with the St. Michael logo on it. It is available at Flint O’Hara uniform store. The kids can also wear a long sleeve shirt under the yellow t-shirt.

The kids are getting stronger and more confident on the playground. They are climbing on all the different parts of the playground.

Please remember to look inside your yellow folder everyday for important papers and artwork. We try to create a new project every week.



Please continue to  practice hand washing.

The kids are getting much better at cleaning up after themselves.

Here is our schedule during our busy day.

8:15-8:45       Yellow folders and Circle time

8:45-9:30       Religion, play time, craft and bathroom

9:30-9:50       Snack time

10:00-10:30   Outside

10:30-11:30    Play time and bathroom

11:30-12:00     Outside

12:00-12:45     Wash hands, Lunch

12:45-1:00        Clean up

1:00-2:00         Nap time

2:00-2:45         Story time, free play

2:45-2:50         Pack up