Mrs. Acevedo (Spanish)

Week of April 23- 25, 2018.

Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1st Grade/ Primer Grado

Study the new vocabulary words in your Spanish copybook.

Las frutas:

2nd Grade/ Segundo Grado

Study the lesson’s vocabulary words for test on April 30th.

Segundo Grado Las frutas

Las Frutas:

3rd Grade/ Tercer Grado

Study the lesson’s vocabulary words and the flash cards for next week’s activities.


4th Grade/ Cuarto Grado

See vocabulary link below.

Cuarto Grado Lugares en mi comunidad


Hail Mary video below:


5th Grade/ Quinto Grado




Subject Pronouns:

6th Grade/ Sexto Grado




Study lesson’s 12 vocabulary words for test on May 02, 2018.

Los meses and Los dias de la Semana:

Find the videos related to Spanish Prayers below.  Our Father.

Hail Mary

Apostles Creed

7th Grade/ Septimo Grado



Hail Mary link:

Our Father Link:

Complete activities A & B in your Spanish textbook.

Study the first 15 words for lesson 22 vocabulary words on May 02, 2018.

The verb decir:


8th Grade/ Octavo Grado

Complete activities N, O & P on pages 123-124 in your Spanish textbook.

Things to Remember:

  1. Complete homework on time.
  2. Have all your supplies ready for class. No mechanical pencil, only # 2 pencils in Spanish class.
  3. Sign every test that goes home.
  4. Check homework page every day.
  5. Wear the appropriated uniform.
  6. If absent from school, all tests, projects, and homework are due the 1st day the student is back in school.
  7. All Spanish Test are a spelling test.