Mr. Miller (Honors Math)

Week of 12/10/18 - 12/16/18

Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Grade 4 Honors Math


page 72 – all


pg 73 – all


pg 74 – all


pg 75 – all
pg 76 – all

Grade 5 Honors Math


Page 71 all


Page 72 – even

Page 73 – odd


Page 74 – even

Page 75 – odd


Page 76 – even

Grade 6 Honors Math

Finish Practice 6-2 Proportions

Notes on discount and mark up

Sports Shop Discount

Discount and Markup Practice 6-9

Grade 7 Honors Math

Two video
1 – Evaluating expressions further practice
2 – Solving 2 step Equations

1 – Further Practice Solving 2 Step Equations
2 – Combining Like Term
3 – Distribution Property
4 – Distribution and Combing Like Terms

Grade 8 - Algebra 1

Video Instruction on adding and subtracting polynomials

Video instruction on multiplying monomials and polynomials

Video Instruction on multiplying binomials together with binomials and polynomials

Video instruction on division of  polynomials by monomials

Video Instruction on gcf of binomials

Video instruction on difference of squares


Review for assessment on adding subtracting dividing and multiplying polynomials

My name is Robert Miller, and I am really excited to be teaching honors math at St Michael’s School.

I received my B.Sc. degree in mathematics, statistics and computing from the University of Ulster and I received my M.Ed. in Secondary Education from Marymount University. I have been teaching since 2013, having spent time in Prince William County Schools for a year and Loudoun County Schools for three years.

Outside of school I enjoy taking my kids on mystery journeys, playing the clarinet, juggling, and finding fun recreational math problems.