Miss Booth (Grade 3)

Week of October 15 - October 19

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Workbook Pg. 12 #1-5

Workbook Pg. 12 #6-9



Language Arts

Workbook Pg. 33

Read for at least 15 min.


Reader’s Workbook Pg. 32

Read for at least 15 min.

Reader’s Workbook Pg. 34

Read for at least 15 min.


Read for at least 15 min.

Read for at least 15 min.

Social Studies



Workbook Pg. 10

Workbook Pg. 11


October 15-19, 2018

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend. Here are some highlights for our upcoming week!

If you have not already done so, please send in $6 with your child for Scholastic News. These news magazines for children are great for Social Studies as well as Reading.

We are gearing up to start Chapter 3 in Religion this week! On Monday, we stepped away from the textbook lessons and talked about a recent event within the Catholic Church – the canonization of several new saints over this past weekend! Fr. Drummond is also continuing to teach our class about the Latin Mass on Fridays after Mass.

In Social Studies, we are starting Chapter 2 which will take us through American History starting with the settlers and The Revolutionary War up to the First and Second World Wars.

We are finally finishing up Chapter 1 in Math! We will review Tuesday and Wednesday before an assessment on Thursday.

We are working through our first few labs in Science. Students are working on the properties of matter as well as liquid volume and displacement. We are having a blast in our weekly Science Lab with Miss Cortright!

We are working on grammar and types of sentences in our Writing. We are also working on starting our personal yearbooks. As a refresher, we are going to create our own yearbooks to remember 3rd grade by highlighting some big events from each month in a book. There will also be a picture of your child from each month to accompany their writing. I may reach out for some assistance with this ongoing project.

In Reading, we are working on Cause and Effect. Students will be working on identifying cause and effect in the stories they are reading.


Please check the Saint Michael’s Minutes for more information on upcoming events in our school and parish.

Daily Schedule for 3rd Grade is finalized! If there are any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

3rd Grade Specials

Monday – PE

Tuesday – Art (Morning), Science Lab (Afternoon)

Wednesday – Spanish (Morning), Library (Morning), Music (Afternoon)

Thursday – STREAM (Afternoon), Computers (Afternoon)

Friday – NONE