Miss Barone (Grade 4)

Week of 1/13-1/17

Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
LA 4

Comprehension: Day 1

Vocab: Monday

Comprehension: Day 2

Vocab: Tuesday

Comprehension: Day 3

Vocab: Wednesday

Comprehension: Day 4

Vocab: Thursday


Vocab Quiz

Math 4

PG 176-177

#6-8, 21-25, #31-32, #45-49


PG 65

PG 66


CH. 5 test next Wednesday 1/22

Math 5

PG 55

PG 57

PG 59

PG 60


CH 5 test next Tuesday 1/21

Science 4

study vocab

study vocab

study vocab

quiz Investigation 4


Science 5

study vocab

quiz Investigation 4

study vocab

study vocab


Language Arts: We will be starting our second novel. Students have reviewed how “good readers” access background knowledge, infer the definition of unfamiliar words, and check to make sure they understand what they are reading. We also learned the four types of reading comprehension questions and practiced identifying them.

Math 4: We are continuing long division and will have a quiz Tuesday. We will end our unit next week with a chapter 5 test.

Math: We have finished our adding fractions unit. Our test is this Friday.

Science 4: We will be back in the lab using microscopes.

Science 5: We will have a quiz this Tuesday on investigation 4 and begin a new investigation Wednesday.

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