Our family has been involved with Saint Michael School for over 11 years. Our son and daughter have since graduated and moved onto high school at Bishop O’Connell. They had a wonderful experience and developed lifelong catholic values. The transition to high school went very smoothly. They were well prepared.They built friendships that have lasted over 11 years and continued into high school.
We have many fond memories. Especially the positive, supportive environment which implemented catholic values and morals. Everyone is welcome and special needs are met with care. It is an intimate community with a beautiful campus.


St. Michael School is where our children have not just grown academically, or grown in faith, they’ve flourished. The teachers and faculty have provided a positive atmosphere for our kids, encouraging a love of learning, self-confidence and pride in their own accomplishments, challenging them to achieve goals they didn’t even think they were capable of.  The teachers are concerned with students’ success, and accessible and willing to help when the need arises. In addition to academics, the faculty also helps to nurture and support the children in their Catholic faith and service to their community. Whether it’s through the school, band, sports, clubs, or church, we find ourselves at St. Michael nearly every day, often multiple times a day. It truly isn’t just a school, it is a community. We are proud to be members of this community, and proud of all of the confident, faith-filled graduates that St. Michael School has produced throughout the years. As my oldest, a graduate of St. Michael, continues to flourish in her spirituality and academic endeavors, we are grateful and blessed to have had a large part of the foundation to her success begin here at St. Michael School.

The Bernescuts, class of 2016 & 2020

As the parent of several children who attended St. Michael School, I feel blessed that we chose this school. The school size was beneficial to my children.  The teachers worked with the needs of each child. They recognized their achievements and helped them to succeed when they struggled.  I would highly recommend St. Michael School.


Now that my oldest child is in college, I have an even greater appreciation for St. Michael’s and the education the kids receive.  I remember she came home from school her freshman year of high school and said, “Mom, there are kids here that don’t even know how to take notes and organize themselves.”   In addition to excelling in all sorts of activities such as sports and music, over half of them have received honors in high school with a few at the top of their high school class.  Thank you St Mike’s for a great Catholic education, a positive and safe environment for learning and a highly dedicated administration and staff.

Parent of  2016 & 2009 graduates

St. Michael School is a fantastic place for the education of young children.  St. Michael provides the best teachers and the best atmosphere for learning that we have seen. My child is happy and comfortable learning there, and we are very happy with the value of his education and the consideration the faculty and staff have shown us.

Cima Manakul, parent of 5th grader

Good afternoon. My name is Katherine Baisa, and I am an eighth grader at St. Michael School. This week, Catholic Schools Week, is the time we take to appreciate what schools like this have done for our lives. Attending St. Michael School has given me a good education and friends, but most importantly, it has brought me closer to God. Being in a Catholic school has taught me things that I will value for a lifetime. In the spirit of Catholic Schools Week, I believe that St. Michael School has helped me grow in faith, academics, and service.

Sometimes it is the little things that help me grow in my faith—the prayers in class, or through the gifts I see that God has given me. Going to Mass as a school shows our unity and willingness to grow in God’s grace. Because of my time here I have learned to live by what Jesus states as the greatest commandment: to love God with all your mind, heart, and soul. I have been blessed by God to spend time with people who motivate and appreciate me. I have also grown in academics at St. Michael School, most importantly because of the inspiring teachers. They give me further insight on my faith and help me to do my best every day. Although they have different ways of teaching, I always learn valuable lessons from them. It has always been instilled in me that everyone deserves kindness and generosity. At school it is encouraged even further by understanding what Jesus has taught us, acting upon those teachings, and by doing other various acts of service.  By helping others in need I have developed a broader perspective of the world around us.

The values of faith, academics, and service are all related to one another. To fully understand one of them, the other two also must be practiced. They are important to have in life, and I am humbled by having the opportunity to grow in them. When my education is completed at St. Michael School, I know that I am ready to face new challenges because of what I have been taught here. This school will continue to enlighten the hearts of the youth for many years to come!

Katherine Baisa, 2012 Graduate

We have been involved with St. Michael School for over 12 years.  It has been a great place for our children to learn morals, values, ethics, and gain a multitude of life skills.  We highly recommend that you send your children to this school.  They will not only learn the basics they need for high school but they will learn so much more.  Our children that are currently in high school have had no issues adjusting because of everything they learned at SMS.  The teachers and staff are a wonderful group of people that watch over and guide our children on a daily basis.  The campus is beautiful and spacious.  We would not chose any other place for my children to attend school.


Parents of 2014 and 2017 graduates and current student

Saint Michael School provided my son with a solid foundation on which to build his education.  During his middle school years at Saint Michael he was able to develop many friendships, a strong faith and an even stronger academic history.  This strength has helped him to become a successful high school student.  The small family like atmosphere provided a safe nurturing environment.  As a parent of a  student with a learning difference I was concerned that he would fall through the cracks and not receive the support he needed.  I was wrong.  The resource program and the teachers at Saint Michaels helped to broaden his perspective and push him to reach his dreams.

Parent of 2017 graduate