3rd Grade – Mrs. Parker

WEEK of 05/22/17-05/26/17








 Religion  Workbook pages 90 and 92.  Quiz on chapter 23.
 Math Workbook pages 136 and 137.  Workbook page 145.  Week 25 -Day 1&2

Week 25 -Day 3&4

Week 26-Day 1&2


 Three worksheets (some students did a few in class and they were are to complete what was not finished).
 Spelling  #’s 1-13, 3 times each in cursive.  #’s 14-26, 3x each in cursive.  Sentences #’s 1-13. Sentences 14-29.
 Science  Read through Investigation 2.  Answer all questions on pages 14-25.  There are 37 blanks to fill complete.
 Social Studies Read pages 308-312.  Answer questions 1-6 that are found within the lesson.  #####  ALL library books are due tomorrow### Social Studies Project is due May 26th.  State Project due tomorrow.  1/2 Day today.  No aftercare.



**********Social Studies Projects are due today********

 Reading  Reading log due tomorrow.  Reading Log due today.
 Read for at least 10 minutes.  Read for 10 or more minutes.  Read for 10 or more minutes.
 Language Arts    




May 18, 2017   

Dear Third Grade Class,  

     Greetings from Virginia!  Our class is participating in the “Great American Mail Race”.  We are writing letters to fifty states hoping that each state will write back.  Part of our social studies curriculum is to learn about the fifty states and we would love to hear about your state and your school.

     We are a Catholic School in Northern Virginia.  We are located about half an hour from Washington, D.C.  Our school does a lot of activities.  One of the most popular is Field Day.  This is when we compete in games half of the day and watch movies the other half.  Saint Michael School has two buildings spread across several acres of land.  We have one of the largest campuses in the Diocese.  Sometimes we see deer, fox, and geese from our classroom window!  Another event that the school enjoys is McDonald’s Night.  If you go, you get a dress down pass which is used for a specific date.  Eat out and dress down. 

     Another fun event was International Night.  On this night parents and children come to celebrate their cultures.  They share their culture with the school through food, music/dance, and costumes.  It was a great night and one we will remember for a long time.  Lastly, we are a Catholic School, and we celebrate Mass each week as a school.  In Lent we participate in the Stations of the Cross and we pray the Rosary every Thursday.  Our faith is a vital part of our school community.

     We are really looking forward to hearing from you.  Please write back and tell us all about your school.  Join the race, and have a great summer.


                                                Ms. Parker’s Third Grade Class 





Here are some websites that were discussed during parent-teacher conferences:

MATH: www.multiplication.com, www.IXLmath.com, http://www.fun4thebrain.com/multiplication/kaigasmult.html , www.hoodamath.com

English/Language Arts: http://mrswarnerarlington.weebly.com/nouns.html, readworks.com, kidsa-z.com, readingrockets.org

Social Studies: http://www.purposegames.com/game/northeastern-states-quiz , http://www.purposegames.com/game/northeast-region-state-capitals-quiz, http://www.classtools.net/pac/201602_ekajc7

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