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Congratulations to our 7th & 8th Grade students for a wonderful job they did on their science fair projects. Thank you to all our judges who came out and judged all the projects.
Behavioral Science – 1st Place – Tiffany Ho 2nd Place – Brianna Tamariz 3rd Place – Liliana Embrey Honorable Mention – Armin Yazdani
Botany – 1st Place – Donna Tran 2nd Place – Claire Camarca 3rd Place – Mai Nguyen Honorable Mention – Richard Nguyen & Alex Nguyen
Chemistry – 1st Place – Danny Roque-Ballivian 2nd Place – Tatiana Nguyen 3rd Place – Annabella Caporaletti
Engineering – 1st Place – Dana Nguyen 2nd Place – Joey Nguyen 3rd Place – Sydney Pham
Medicine & Health – 1st Place – Laura Phan 2nd Place – Victoria Phan 3rd Place – Maria Stakem Honorable Mention – Sean Will
Physics – 1st Place – Elizabeth Paparo 2nd Place – Aric Embrey 3rd Place – Justin Nguyen Honorable Mention – Luke Stroh, Albert Castellon, & Joseph Kennedy
General Science – 1st Place – Samantha Lee 2nd Place – Ethan Ayers 3rd Place Helina Esayas Honorable Mention – Bronwyn Titus-Rogan
Top 10 Science Fair Winners moving on the the Diocesan Science Fair on Saturday, April 8, 2017
Tiffany Ho, Danny Roque, Laura Phan, Elizabeth Paparo, Samantha Lee, Victoria Phan, Donna Tran, Dana Nguyen, Aric Embrey, Tatiana Nguyen
Our alternates are: Justin Nguyen, Luke Stroh, Ethan Ayers, Annabella Caporaletti
Congratulations to our amazing 6th Graders who had their own grade specific science fair.

Our Catholic Schools Week Winners include:
Religion Bee:

8th Grade: Victoria Phan, Samantha Lee, and Justin Nguyen
5th Grade: Lucia Stakem, Brendan Stroh, Andy Fronczek
Spelling Bee
Champion: Samantha Lee
1st Runner Up: Annabella Caporaletti
2nd Runner Up: Elizabeth Paparo
Junior Spelling Bee
Champion: Allison Nguyen
1st Runner Up: Brendan Stroh
2nd Runner Up: John Paparo

The Knights of Columbus was here during Catholic Schools week to award our students who placed in the Basketball Free Throw Competition.

Saint Michael School collected over 1,300 cans of non perishable food for charity during Catholic Schools Week.  Thank you to all who donated. 

Congratulations to Victoria Phan on placing 3rd chair in the All District X Middle School Band 2016.

Congratulations to the Saint Michael US Open Tennis team for winning their final match 4-1, and finishing 3rd in their playoff division.  The team also finished 3rd in their division during the regular season. Special congratulations go to Tiffany Ho for finishing her final season with Saint Michael with an undefeated record!. 


In April 919 students in grade 8, from 51 schools and 6 states took the IHM Math Exam. CONGRATULATIONS to Peter Saliba who placed 1st in the 2016 IHM Math Contest.


The theme for the 2016 Catholic Daughters of the Americas Education Contest was “We are stewards of God’s Creation” and “How do we care of rate Environment?”.  Saint Michael School had the following winners: 
Division 1 (Grades 4-5)  Essay – 3rd place court – Tatiana Saliba
Division II (Grades 6-8)  Poetry – 1st place Court & 2nd place state – Annabella Caporaletti
                                                     2nd place court – Maria Stakem
                                        Art –     1st place court & 1st place state – Mai Anh Nguyen


Click below to see the poems and artwork
annabella poem maianh art maria poem tatiana essay

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2016 Science Fair Winners:

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Honorable Mention
Behavioral Health Andres Penafiel Katherine Pham Caroline Wack
Botany Malee Turner Peter Saliba Donna Tran
Chemistry Kevin Guillen Patrick Nguyen James Stakem Anna Le
General Science Jae Sung Kim Annabella Caporaletti Kataryna Vejcik Laura Nguyen
Microbiology Samantha Lee Mai-anh Nguyen
Medicine & Health Andrea Recinos Tiffany Ho Laura Phan
Physics Danny Roque Elizabeth Paparo Victoria Phan Gabrielle Bernescut

Brandon Miranda

Kody Ho

Our top 10 highest scores will be going to the Diocesan Science Fair on April 16th:

Malee Turner, Andres Penafiel, Samantha Lee, Kevin Guillen, Andrea Recinos, Peter Saliba, Katherine Pham, Danny Roque, Jae Sung Kim and Tiffany Ho. The alternates are: Annabella Caporaletti and Laura Phan.

Congratulations to Emily Carlstrom and David Perez, both Saint Michael School Class of 2008 and Paul VI Class of 2016, for being named National Merit Commended Students in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Out of 1.5 million students who took the PSAT last October they scored in the top 50,000.

Congratulations to Andy Fronczek who earned a spot on theUnited States Select Sports Association All-American baseball team representing the Northeast Region! He spent time in Florida this summer practicing and playing in a series of games at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Staff from USSSA conducted evaluations in each region of the United States and Andy was one of 15 boys selected to represent the Northeast region.


Congratulations to Alex Socarras on being awarded Salutatorian for the Class of 2015 at Bishop Denis J. O’Connell

Congratulations to Miya Jeon and Won Choi on their placement to the 2015 Diocese of Arlington Advanced Honor Band.


Congratulations to Samantha Lee and Laura Phan on their placement to the 2015 Diocese of Arlington Junior Honor Band.

Congratulations to Patrick Nguyen on his 5th place in the IHM Math Contest. 

Congratulations to all who participated in the Catholic Daughters of America Art/Poetry Contest

Our winners are: 

Mai-Anh Nguyen                                                             
1st place in County – Art                                                   Grace Nary
2nd place in State                                                              2nd place – Poetry



2015 Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to all our 7th and 8th graders on a job well done! 
Behavioral Health
1st Place     TIE         Katherine Pham & Antonio Camarca
2nd Place                  Lizbeth Rojas
3rd Place                   Fiona Kennedy
Honorable Mention   Kevin Guillen
                                 Felicia Sebastian
                                 Anna McClanahan
1st Place                    Laura Nguyen
2nd Place                  Katy Nguyen
3rd Place                   Driss Beaulieu
1st Place                    Peter Saliba
2nd Place                   Caroline Wack
3rd Place                   MaiThy Nguyen
1st Place                   Bruno Castro
2nd Place                  Gabbie Bernescut
3rd Place                   Brandon Miranda
General Science
1st Place                    Jennifer Gulley
2nd Place                  Sam Gigliotti
3rd Place                   Jack Doyle
Medicine & Health
1st Place                    Anna Le
2nd Place                   Dimitri Hayek
3rd Place                    Adrian Reyes
Honorable Mention    Andrea Recinos-Cadima
1st Place                   Grace Nary
2nd Place                  Andres Penafiel
3rd Place                   Kataryna Vejcik
Honorable Mention   Tyler Tran
                                  Patrick Nguyen
Best of Luck to the 10 students who will be representing us at the Diocesan Science Fair
Jennifer Gulley
Grace Nary
Andreas Penafiel
Kataryna Vejcik
Peter Saliba
Sam Gigliotti
Tyler Tran
Katherine Pham
Antonio Camarca
Laura Nguyen
Alternate:  Lizbeth Rojas
                 Caroline Wack

IMG_2893 IMG_2896 IMG_2900 IMG_2903 IMG_2904  IMG_2909 IMG_2911 IMG_2913 IMG_2914 IMG_2915 IMG_2916 IMG_2917 IMG_2918 IMG_2919 IMG_2920 IMG_2921 IMG_2922 IMG_2925 IMG_2926 IMG_2927 IMG_2929

2015 Spelling Bee
Congratulations to MaiThy Nguyen on winning our spelling bee.  Good Luck at the Diocesan Bee, we know you’ll do great!

2015 Religion Bee

Congratulations to the 4th grade on winning the 4th/5th grade Religion Bee
Congratulations to the 6th grade on winning the 6th/7th/8th grade Religion Bee


Katy N., Laura N, patrick N, Peter S, Andres P and Kody H participated in the Thomas Jefferson Intermediate Math Open.  Patrick won FIRT place int he pre-Algebra group.  Congratulations!!

May 2014

Anthony Socarras was awarded the O’Connell Scholar Award from Bishop O’Connell High School. Anthony scored in the 99th percentile on the High School Placement Test.

Nikolas Rocha was awarded the Knight’s Recognition Scholarship from Bishop O’Connell High School. Nikolas scored in the 95th percentile on the High School Placement Test.

Nikolas Rocha for receiving Honorable Mention in the IHM 8th Grade Math Test.

Aranxia Vejcik and Alisa Stewart for receiving Honorable Mention in the Youth Apostlate Essay Contest.

Congratulations to Alisa Stewart on being recognized for her Outstanding Achievement In the Development of “I can’t believe my ears!”  

Congratulations to our Band for receiving “Superior” Rating at the Diocesan Band Festival

CONGRATULATIONS to our Science Fair Winners

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Honorable Mention

Behavioral Health


Alisa Stewart

Antonio Camarca

Catherine Le

Maithy Nguyen


Kaci Jose

Jennifer Gulley

Nicholas Caporaletti

Stephan Wampouille


Sam Gigliotti

Danica Tran

Fiona Kennedy

Parker Spliethoff

General Science

Pedro Burset

Leonardo Mastrofini

Paul Saliba

Bruno Castro

Medicine & Health

Bryant Nguyen

Michael Kilcoyne

Matthew Tillson

Melissa Romero


Grace Nary

Michael Nguyen

Anthony Socarras

Aranxia Vejcik, Michelle Niland, Rosaleen Molony


Our top 10 high scores will be going to the Diocesan Science Fair on April 12th:

Pedro Burset, Antonio Camarca, Jennifer Gulley, Kaci Jose, Catherine Le, Leonardo Mastrofini, Grace Nary, Michael Nguyen, Anthony Socarras, and Alisa Stewart.  The alternates are:  Nicholas Caporaletti and Aranxia Vejcik.

Congratulations to Victoria Phan for placing third in the intermediate category of the 2014 International Aviation Art Contest. This year’s theme “Flying Saves Lives”.  Congratulations also go to Carol Medina who received honorable mention.


Congratulations to the following students who placed in the 2013 Catholic Daughters of the Americas Education Contest.  This year’s themes were “Jesus is Reflected in Me” and “My life is a Reflection of Good”.  



Division 1 (Grades 4-5) 
1st Place     Samantha Lee
2nd Place    Victoria Phan

Division II (Grades 6-8)
1st place     Rosaleen Moloney
2nd Place    MaiThy Nguyen
3rd Place     Cora Wack


1st place     Shannon Chong 


1st Place Art         Samantha Lee


2nd Place Poetry   Shannon Chong 

Congratulations to our Choir for their participation in the Diocesan Music Festival on Saturday, March 16th, they received a rating of Excellent for their performance.

Congratulations to our Band for their participation in the Garwood-­‐Whaley Band Festival at Bishop Ireton on Saturday, March 23rd, they received a rating of Superior for their performance.

Congratulations to  Seon Choi, Teresa Nguyen and Ava Coffin for being chosen as members of the Diocesan Honor Band.  They performed at Bishop Ireton at the May 7th concert.


Congratulations to our 7th and 8th grade Science Fair Winners.

Science Fair Winners


Bio Chemistry

  1. Paul Saliba
  2. Genevieve Thanh
  3. Rosie Molony

HM – Cora Wack

HM – Anthony Socarras

Behavioral Science

  1. Margaret Parker
  2. Jennifer Nguyen
  3. Olivia Nguyen

HM – Alisa Stewart

HM – Bryant Nguyen


  1. Pedro Burset
  2. Nicholas Caporaletti



  1. Kaci Jose
  2. James Digiulian

HM – Parker Spliethof

General Science

  1. Kiersten Laclede
  2. Seon Jun Choi

HM – Diego Tavara


  1. Joseph Wenger
  2. Teresa Nguyen

HM – Christopher Chehade

Medicine & Health

  1. Shannon Chong
  2. Ava Coffin

HM – Matthew Sanchez



  1. Jack Vachon
  2. Brett Monsay
  3. Matthew Tillson

HM – Michael Nguyen

The TOP TEN students will participate in the Diocesan Science Fair at PVI on Saturday, April 20th.

  1. Joseph Wenger

  2. Shannon Chong

  3. Ava Coffin

  4. Pedro Burset

  5. Paul Saliba

  6. Kiersten Laclede

  7. Margaret Parker

  8. Seon Choi

  9. Nicholas Caporaletti

10. Genevieve Thanh

Alternate:  Kaci Jose

                  Christopher Niland

The 7th Grade Boys team was chosen this year in Division 3 to receive the NVJCYO Sportsmanship Award.  This award is an annual award given to the team and coaches that demonstrated good sportsmanship.  The award is presented in each Division and voted upon by the coaches from each division.

The 6th Grade Girls won their Tournament (1st Place) and came in 2nd in their Division. 

The 5th Grade Boys came in 2nd in their tournament

Congratulations to our new members of the National Spanish Honor Society for this year. On March 27th at 7:00 the following students will be inducted into the San Miguel Chapter:

Grade 6 – Driss Beaulieu, Antonio Camarca, Leilani Dang, Joseph D., Jennifer Gulley, Fiona Kennedy, Grace Nary, Jefferson Nguyen, Maithy Nguyen, Samantha Rodgerson, Melissa Romero, Danica Tran, Victoria Tran, Jessica Wells

Grade 7 – Pedro Burset, Kaci Jose, Catherine Le, Brett Monsay, Bryant Nguyen, Jennifer Nguyen, Paul Saliba, Stephan Wampouille

IHM Math Round 1 Winners – Congratulations to the IHM Math Contest Winners for Round 1.  These students will take the final test in April. 

 In Grade 7 there were 971 contestants – Nick Rocha will represent us in Round 2

In Grade 8 there were 921 contestants – John D, Olivia Nguyen, Julie Nguyen, Genevieve Thanh and Cora Wack move on to the Final Round.


Cora Wack for receiving the Principal’s Scholarship to Bishop O’Connell.

The Chess Club for your determined work during the tournament.  In two decisive matches, Patrick Nguyen quickly and convincingly regained the Club’s crown!  We are so proud of him.  Special congratulations to all our members who held the crown this year by defeating an incumbent holder:  Driss Beaulieu, Patrick Nguyen, Won Choi, Antonio Camarca, and again Patrick Nguyen!

We are so proud to announce that this weekend St. Michaels 4-5th Grade team won the NVCYO Tennis Championship for the Wimbledon 1 Division.  This is the first tennis team in St. Michaels history to achieve this honor! The Championship match was against St. Mary’s, with St Michaels winning 4 of the 5 sets.  St. Michaels beat out 17 teams to become NVCYO champions. Congratulations to Kevin Guillen, Tiffany Ho, Dimitri Hayek, Bruce Earmratana, Anna McClanahan, Alex Nguyen, Peter Saliba and Abby Woodcock (CCD). 

Cross Country News Our 5th-­‐6th grade boys Cross Country team of Driss B, Joey D, Jack D and Antonio C tied for FIRST PLACE at the huge CYO Cross Country meet this past weekend. There were 344 runners compared to 150 in the past. We have not placed in the top 3 as a team in an age group before. There were close to 20 schools there. Coach Mary Matula is seeing if there is a tie-­‐breaker rule. The 3rd-­‐ 4th grade team of Chris D and Luke Stroh in 8th place.

St. Michael’s Tennis Team of 4th-­‐5th graders won the central division. They will play in the final championship match for 1st place next weekend. We wish them luck. This is the first time that a St. Michael’s team has been in the final championship. 


St. MIchael Tennis Team News:

The Wimbledon Team won both their matches 3-0! They remain undefeated.
The US Open Team won their match 3-2 and have a record of 2-2.
8th Grader Keirsten Laclede and 6th Grader Jennifer Gulley won their singles matches and the doubles team of 7th Grader Margaret parker and 8th Grader Jack Vachon sealed the team victory with a 6-3 win
The 4th and 5th Grade tennis team is currently undefeated.  They just won their 4th match with one more to go during the regular season.  They are hoping to clinch victory in the central division and do well in the regional play-offs.
Congratulations to all our Tennis teams!

Congratulations to senior Sophia Socarras (a 2009 St Michael graduate) who was selected to participate in the 2012 Virginia Music Educators Association (VMEA) Honors Choir 2011-2012


Bernadette Jarvis, a 2008 St. Michael graduate, was notified that she was awarded a $1,000 college scholarship from the Falls Church Rotary Club. She had participated in a competitive application process earlier in the year that included a essay describing how higher education would help her achieve her life goals.

A 2012 O’Connell graduate, Jarvis was active in student council, the annual soup drive and Superdance, and the Interact Club.

Jarvis is now a Capstone Scholar in the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina, where she is majoring in international business, and planning to minor in French.



Congratulations to:page1image27080

  • Lauren Kennedy for advancing to the Catholic Daughter’s National Finals for her poem. She came in first place in the State competition.

  • Anthony Socarras, Michael Kilcoyne, Aranxia Vejcik, Alisa Stewart, Margaret Parker, Thomas Ray, Jack Doyle, Mai-thy Nguyen, Katy Nguyen, Victoria Tran, and Samantha Rodgerson for competing in the Battle of the Books yesterday.

  • Stephanie Gulley, St. Michael School Class of 2008, as the 2012 Valedictorian at Bishop O’Connell High School.

  • Jad Azar, St. Michael School class of 2008, as the 2012 salutatorian at Bishop Ireton High School

For the 2nd year in a row St. Michael 5th graders have been offered an opportunity to participate in a Department of Defense Program Starbase Atlantis at the Washington Navy Yard.  For five consecutive days, our fifth graders will be enrolled in a program that focuses on the STEM content areas: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  This hands-on science program is intended to inspire young people to love STEM subjects and consider becoming scientists and engineers. Among other things each student will build and launch his or her own rocket!

Congratulations to our National Spanish Honor Society – On Thursday, March 8th, St. Michael School had the first inductees of the San Miguel Chapter. The inductees were:

6th Grade: Nicolas Caporaletti, Christopher Chehade, Katrina Escobar-Galarza, Alejandro Morgana, Michael Nguyen, Jason Nunez, Margaret Parker, Nikolas Rocha, Anthony Socarras
7th Grade: John D, Julie Nguyen, Olivia Nguyen, Genevieve Thanh, Meikel Turner, Cora Wack, Seon Jun Choi
8th Grade: Katherine Baisa, Emily Carlstrom, Julie Tran

Congratulations to all our 7th & 8th Grade students for the wonderful job they did at the Science Fair.

Also a big Thank You to all our judges.

The Winners of each category are:

General Science
1st. Katherine Baisa      2nd Sean Choi             3rd Tim Higgins

Behavioral Science
1st Annelise Coffin        2nd Bridget Doyle        3rd Phoebe Retta

1st Claire Jarvis             2nd Caisi Elliot            3rd Robert Muratore

1st Genevieve Thanh     2nd Liam Behan          3rd Tiffany Nguyen

Medicine and Health
1st Emily Carlstrom       2nd Nick Wells            3rd Julie Nguyen

1st Shannon Chong       2nd Joseph Wenger    3rd John D

1st Madison Rubley       2nd Kiersten Laclede   3rd Jack Vachon

Overall Winners Representing St. Michael School at the Diocesan Science Fair

1. Katherine Baisa
2. Shannon Chong
3. Annelise Coffin
4. Joseph Wenger
5. John D
6. Genevieve Thanh
7. Bridget Doyle
8. Madison Rubley
9. Emily Carlstrom
10. Kiersten Laclede

Alternates: Jack Vachon and Claire Jarvis

We wish all our student representing us on  April 21, 2012 at the Diocesan Science Fair the best of luck.

Congratulations to our Religion and Spelling Bee Winners:

Religion Bee:
8th Grade Team – Katherine Baisa, David Perez-Christel, and Alexandra Rocha
4th Grade Team – Kate Llanos, Caroline Wack, Katherine Pham

Spelling Bee:
Emily Carlstrom was the winner of the Spelling Bee between the 7th & 8th Graders.
She will represent St. Michael School at the Diocesan Spelling Bee on Saturday, March 3rd.
Anthony Socarras was the winner of the Spelling Bee between the 4th, 5th, & 6th Graders.

Catholic Schools Week


Good afternoon. My name is Katherine Baisa, and I am an eighth grader at St. Michael School. This week, Catholic Schools Week, is the time we take to appreciate what schools like this have done for our lives. Attending St. Michael School has given me a good education and friends, but most importantly, it has brought me closer to God. Being in a Catholic school has taught me things that I will value for a lifetime. In the spirit of Catholic Schools Week, I believe that St. Michael School has helped me grow in faith, academics, and service.

Sometimes it is the little things that help me grow in my faith—the prayers in class, or through the gifts I see that God has given me. Going to Mass as a school shows our unity and willingness to grow in God’s grace. Because of my time here I have learned to live by what Jesus states as the greatest commandment: to love God with all your mind, heart, and soul. I have been blessed by God to spend time with people who motivate and appreciate me. I have also grown in academics at St. Michael School, most importantly because of the inspiring teachers. They give me further insight on my faith and help me to do my best every day. Although they have different ways of teaching, I always learn valuable lessons from them. It has always been instilled in me that everyone deserves kindness and generosity. At school it is encouraged even further by understanding what Jesus has taught us, acting upon those teachings, and by doing other various acts of service.  By helping others in need I have developed a broader perspective of the world around us.

The values of faith, academics, and service are all related to one another. To fully understand one of them, the other two also must be practiced. They are important to have in life, and I am humbled by having the opportunity to grow in them. When my education is completed at St. Michael School, I know that I am ready to face new challenges because of what I have been taught here. This school will continue to enlighten the hearts of the youth for many years to come!


Congratulations to:

Emily Carlstrom and David Perez-Christel for being awarded the Salesian Scholarship to PVI for their high scores on the High School Placement Test. Thank you to all of our teachers for helping these children to academically succeed.

Congratulations to:

Katherine Baisa and Emily Carlstrom for advancing to the second round of the Thomas Jefferson High School Placement Test. Thank you to Ms. Wilson for preparing them to advance to this level through the Honors Math program.


to our 7th Graders John D, David Kim, Julie Nguyen, Olivia Nguyen, Teresa Nguyen, Cora Wack, and Joseph Wenger.
They competed in the Thomas Jefferson High School of Science & Technology (TJHSST) Math Open on Saturday, November 5th.

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