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Mrs. Parker
Room 26
Week of March 20, 2017






8th Grade



 Cards #13-16  STUDY Test: Nouns 


Finish vocab. cards.

Finish WB pp. 21-22   Vocab. WB pages are due Wednesday.  Test on Thursday.

Social Studies

Study  Study   Study Quiz: Lessons 3-4 


Chapter Review p. 534, #11-15

Ch. Review due Monday.  Test on Wed.


All students should be working on their lesson presentations.   Chapter 19 presentations begin Thursday.

7th Grade



STUDY!!!   Test: Vocab. Units 4-6 Make sure you have all cards for Units 1-6 at school.  WB p. 47 and 61  Put your vocabulary cards in alphabetical order.  Test on Units 1-6 next week. 

Social Studies

Read and highlight 6-1.   Define the Lesson 2 Key Terms.  Read and highlight Lesson 2.  Go to www.loc.gov (link below) and read “Common Sense.”  Write down three examples and explanations of powerful polemics.  Read the Declaration of Independence.  Answer the three questions given to you in class. 
 After school activities  Writing Lab 3:15-4:30

Writing Lab and Test Make-up 3:15-4:30 

6th Grade





WB pp. 30-31   Finish WB p. 32.



Alphabetize your vocab. cards from units 1-6.   Study Test: Vocab. Units 1-6 


Color code cards for Unit 7.

 Social Studies

Be thinking about the P2s for your research paper.      Work on your outline.  Read about your topic in your blue history textbook.  Outlines (P1, P2, P2, P2) are due Monday. 


Online tests and other links for Social Studies
Primary Source material (Common Sense, Gettysburg Address, Declaration of Independence, etc.) www.loc.gov
Guide to Faithful Citizenship:
Social Studies Textbooks: PHSchool.com
Mesopotamia: The Rise of Sumer (short video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNCUg3tCajE
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Genealogy Websites:

1.) There are several free sources available through Fairfax County Libraries. You will need your library card number in order to access the information. Heritage Quest offers census information. I have had great success on that site, and I hope you do too!


2.) Ellis Island


3.) Castle Garden


4.) Family Search (Similar to Ancestry.com, except that this is free.)


5.) Find a Grave


6.) Rootsweb (Be careful which box you fill in though, as it may take you to another site.)


7.) Library of Congress (For links to many more sites)




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