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Honors Math

Week of May 22, 2017






Math 4

 study for add/subtract fractions test tomorrow  no new homework; work on Math Maintenance – page 30 and corrections due this Friday morning  Pizzazz C-68 – due next Tuesday no class – Colonial Day  no class – half day 

Math 5

review algebraic expressions for pre-test tomorrow    self pre-test on algebraic expressions; Punchline p. 100 start to study for expressions and equations test on Friday  study for expressions and equations test tomorrow  no homework 

Math 6

 M7 workbook p. 141/#4-46 multiples of 4; p. 143//#24-44 multiples of 4 Math 7 chapter 5 test tomorrow   no homework M7 workbook p. 311/#12-24 even   Pizzazz D-72

Math 7

 p. 89/#2-16 evens; p. 90/all (show work!)  Algebra chapter 2 test tomorrow  no homework  no homework  no homework

Algebra 1

 study for Chapters 10-12 review test tomorrow; review packet due  continue on review packets continue on review packets  no class – day after Confirmation  continue on review packets

NOTE: Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) will be administered to 7th grade on May 25th and 26th.




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