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Mrs. Acevedo

Homework for the week of May 22 to May 24, 2017.

Updated May 24, 2017.

 Remember: If school is cancelled because of the weather, tests and / or quizzes will be taken the following school day.

Subject Monday




Grade 6 Complete act. F & G


Prayers Test Schedule

May 24  – Our Father

May 31 – Apostles Creed










These prayers have been here since November, please continue to practice.


Grade 7  Complete the two worksheet:

  • Question words
  • Saber & Conocer

Lesson 1 test May 23, 2017.









Grade 4  




La Casa Test on May 23, 2017.


See vocabulary words below.

Grade 5  


 Complete activities H,I & J if you did not in the classroom.

Start studying for Lesson 5 test on May 31, 2017.

Grade 3  

See vocabulary below.





Grade 1
Grade 2  






See vocabulary link below.


Grade 8  Complete act. G

Lesson 10 vocabulary test on May 24, 2017.

Things to remember:

 Every Spanish test is a spelling test.

  1. Remember to wear the appropriate uniform.
  2. The children should come to Spanish class prepared with; pencils (no mechanical pencils, please! ), glue sticks, scissors, crayons and pencil sharpen.
  3. Look at St. Michael’s web page for Wednesday papers.
  4. If you are out of school, all homework, projects and test are due the next class. 
  5. The homework will be up until the following Monday morning.
  6. Check homework daily.
  7. Please, sign all homework deficiencies ( Spanish Notes)


  Worksheets and/or videos:

1st Grade/Primer Grado/ First Grade –

2nd Grade / Segundo Grado Los Numeros Vocabulary

3rd Grade/Tercer Grado – Medios de Transportación vocabulary words.

3rd Grade/ Tercer Grado-

3rd Grade/ Tercer Grado – worksheet – the verb ir ( to go)- The Spanish Verb IR Worksheet

4th Grade/ Cuarto Grado – Cuarto Grado- La casa vocabulary

4th Grade/ Cuarto Grado–

2nd Grade/ Segundo Grado –

6th Grade / Sexto Grado-Los Pronombres Posesivos



6th, 7th and 8th grade must memorize these prayers. Las Oraciones en Espanol (copy of all prayers on the test).

The Lord’s Prayer  in Spanish

Hail Mary/

The Apostles Creed /

Glory Be /
























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